Biomass and woodchip


Chiddinglye Farm has its own 200kW Heizomat woodchip fuelled boiler located in the south steading on the farm, and running a district heating loop which includes four dwellings, offices, workshops and a swimming pool. 
We operate a separate 200kw boiler which powers our drying system for woodchip, logs and cereals.


Chiddinglye Farm can supply woodchip by tractor and trailer to purchasers within a 15 mile radius.  We source our woodchip locally, either from our own woodland or nearby, and dry it to a moisture content of under 30%.  We sell woodchip by the Kilowatt rather than by weight or volume, so that our customers only pay for the heat that they get.

Contract chipping: we can carry out contract chipping by prior arrangement using our tractor driven Heizohack 400mm x 800mm chipper.

For Woodchip supply and Contract Chipping enquiries, please contact us through the website or call Bill Blunt on 07796447955.